Healing, Initiations, and Expert Guidance
through Vedic Astrology & Siddha Spiritual

Would you like to solve life problems so you can sparkle and shine, like a polished gem?

Would you like to be intiated into your highest destiny and unique abilities?

Welcome, you have just stumbled upon a powerful source of healing for your greatest challenges in life. Vedic Astrology in the hands of an intuitive adept is a potent tool to heal your financial, emotional, physical, relationship, and career challenges. I use Vedic Astrology, to predict, heal, initiate you into your highest destiny, and fix your problems together with gemstones, mantras, poojas, yantras, energy transference, deep insights, and Vedic rituals. 

During my own life, I have been blessed to have studied with some of the greatest teachers in the world. My Siddha Teacher is Dattatreya Siva Baba, my Astrology Teacher is Ernst Wilhelm, my Vedic Teacher is David Frawley, and my Human Design Teacher is Ra Uru Hu.

I have combined what I feel is the best from them into one synergistic system and added my own special healing gifts and unique abilities. This system, will deliver radical healing breakthroughs to your most stubborn financial, relational or physical-emotional problems.

All I ask is that you bring me your most pressing problems and challenges, to get quick relief.

My Own Story:
I understand that life can be challenging. Enemies and rivals can undermine you at work, diseases can overpower you, relationship problems and loneliness hurt, and financial difficulties can cause serious stress and strain.

I know this from personal experience; from overcoming anxiety and depression, looming close to bankrupty, being harassed by enemies and facing problems in the relationship sphere, been there done that.

Through the grace of God and with help from my teachers, I have been able to overcome tremendous challenges and heal pretty much every aspect of my life and continue to do so through this miraculous system. I wish even better for you. May you be healed by it!

1000 times thank you! Jan, thank you again very much for your time and your analysis. I feel blessed !!! Thank you so much

-- Sybille R.

Meet me

Jan De Wever

Vedic Astrologer / Healer / Spiritual Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions I receive the most about my services.
If you have anything else, do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help.

Vedic Astrology has many applications and I also use it to predict events AND as a system for expert guidance, a healing tool for financial, relationship, physical and emotional problems and as a initiatory method into your highest destiny and unique abilities.

Individual results vary, but results come very quickly as this is another unique component of my work – quick results.

I have seen miracles happening in people’s life, I have seen dramatic results, and I have seen subtle improvements and everything in between. Most likely your life will be deeply transformed through this work. 

I will need your date of birth and the hour, minute and place of birth. In addition, I will ask for some general information about you.

The Siddha lineage is my own lineage from the South of India. The Siddhas are masters of spirituality and known for their supernormal powers, secrecy and great humanitarian works.   

I have been on a serious spiritual path since my early 20′, studying with multiple renowed teachers, and the last 7 years have devoted myself to an in depth study of Vedic Astrology, Tantra, Mantra and Hinduism.

No, I am not a licensed medical practitioner, so please consult your doctor for specific medical questions.

Currently in Dutch, French & English.



Yes, I do. I have high intuitive abilities and other unique secret healing Shaktis that will flow through me during this work.

I use the Ernst Wilhelm system of tropical rashis with sideral nakshatras. This system, I feel, combines the best from Western astrology and Vedic astrology. I also use human design, another form of astrological system for an overview of the makeup of your energetic system.

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