Power of the Inner planets

7 Planets: The Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter,
Venus, Mercury
2 ShadowPlanets: Rahu & Ketu


The Planet Moon and Its Power

The Moon is a very important and sensitive planet. It corresponds to your ego, your mind, your emotions, and how you perceive the world. It is a significator of your mother, the women in your life, your adaptability to circumstances, your popularity, your social life and your home country.


The Planet Sun and its Power

The Sun is your inspiration in life and how you aim to achieve this. It is a significator of your father, the men in your life, your health, character, status in life and your soul.


The Planet Saturn and its Power

Saturn is THE most powerful and slow-moving planet of all the planets. Saturn is the planet that determines your destiny; he can bring down a king or turn a beggar into an emperor.  He will unbiasedly deliver you your karmic fruits or karmic retribution. Lord Saturn is a significator of your resistance to disease, the challenges, obstacles, and loss that you will face in life,  authority figures in your life, how you deal with those lower in rank than you, your truthfulness, sense of justice, and responsibility, the wealth you will accumulate and your career.                                            


The Planet Jupiter and its Power

Planet Jupiter is the great benevolent force of the planets. It is a significator of your children, your husband, your happiness, your luck, your investments, your innate goodness, the teachers in your life and the blessings or grace from God. Blessings from Jupiter can fix almost everything in your life.


The Planet Mars and its Power

Planet Mars is the red action leadership planet. It is a significator of accidents, your sex drive, your training ability to improve in any area of life, your strength, leadership ability, willpower, honor, energy, courage and your ability to attack or defend.


The Planet Venus and its Power

Planet Venus is the planet of pleasure, love, romance, and beauty. It is a significator of your wife, your income from your work, beauty, athletic ability, level of luxurious life-style, your self-esteem, artistic, creative, fun and entertainment abilities.


The Planet Mercury and its Power

Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communication. It is a significator of your intellect, commercial, business, and numbers ability, problem-solving ability, management, communication and writing skills.


The Shadow Planet Rahu and its Power

Rahu, the north node of the Moon, is the force of materialism. It is a significator of your soul’s burning desire in this lifetime, your charisma, extremes highs and lows, fame, level of extreme short-cut seeking in life, crime, drug use, greed, money and worldly power.


The Shadow Planet Ketu and its Power

Ketu, the south node of the Moon is the force of spiritualism. It is a significator of your past lives, intuitive abilities, astrological knowledge, enlightenment, supernatural powers and healing abilities.

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