Power of Outer planets & Asteroids

3 Planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
5 Asteroids: Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta,
Juno, Chiron


The Planet Uranus and Its Power

Uranus is associated with fire and has the power of creation and invention, originality and individualism, revolt and overthrow, revolution, change and progress, freedom, excitement and risk, flashes of insight and intellectual brilliance, the trickster, revelation, and awakenings. This planet is connected with the creator God Brahma, the Greek Mythological character Prometheus and linked to the sign of Aquarius.


The Planet Neptune and Its Power

Neptune is associated with water and has the power of sustaining and destroying life, glamour, seduction, enchantment, and charisma, the redemption of sins, and a hero redeemer, return and access to the garden of Eden, illusions, dreams and healing. This planet is connected with the sustainer God Vishnu, the great mother Goddess Kali and linked to the sign of Pisces.


The Planet Pluto and Its Power

Pluto is associated with pain, the underworld and your deepest wounds; it has the power of transformation, akin to being reborn like a phoenix from the ashes of despair,  incredible depth, control, truth, intensity, raw power, and massive strength. This planet is connected with the transformer God Shiva and linked to the sign of Scorpio.


The Asteroid Ceres and Its Power

Ceres is the mother Goddess of agriculture and the harvest. She is associated with the principles of unconditional love, sustaining and nourishing newly created life forms, foundation, roots, family, secrets of birth, death, and renewal. Ceres tells you the way, shape, and form of nurturing others and the world, and it is associated with the 4th house and the nadir.

Pallas Athene

The Asteroid Pallas Athene and Its Power

Pallas Athene is the daughter of Ceres and Zeus. The warrior queen Goddess, is associated with wisdom, creative and mental intelligence to produce in the world, justice, invincibility in battle, the arts, healing, politics, and leadership. Pallas Athene tells you the way, shape, and form of your unique genius and inspired vision, and it is associated with the 10th house and the midheaven.


The Asteroid Vesta and Its Power

Vesta is the sister of Pallas Athene. A virgin Goddess and a being complete and whole in herself. She represents the principle of focus and commitment towards specific goals and aspirations. Vesta tells you the way, shape, and form of the things you are dedicated to in life, and it is associated with the 1th house and the ascendant.


The Asteroid Juno and Its Power

Juno is the divine consort and Goddess of marriage. She represents the principle of commitment, steadfastness, loyalty, devotion and the willingness to remain in a relationship. Juno tells you the way, shape and style of your form of relating and your intimacy needs, and it is associated with the 7th house and the descendant.


The Asteroid Chiron and Its Power

Chiron was the priest-king of the Centaurs, a people of  half-horse/half -humans. A great astrologer/teacher who initiated healers, warriors, and magicians. Also known as the wounded healer, he triggers the feeling of the deepest inner wound to heal inner pain. Chiron tells you the way of your destiny and your unique healing gift in life.

I would like to give credit to:

Credit goes to Astrologers Emma Belle Donath and Barbara Hand clow for providing solid research on the asteroids and to astrologers Liz Greene and Steven Forrest for their solid research on the outer planets.

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